Resistance is Futile!

I got a flu shot yesterday. Aside from the injection site being a bit tender, I’ve not a single symptom or side effect. Is my immune system even doing anything? Oh, wait, I think it’s busy attacking that last molecule of corn gluten I ate three days ago.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my immune system is run by the Borg. It attacks poor, innocent passersby while utterly ignoring invaders…until it deems them a threat. I remember many an episode where Picard or Janeway used that to their advantage.

Perhaps that’s why the whole autoimmune stuff becomes an issue. In assimilating new “species” the little drones get a bit confused over what exactly they are supposed to attack.


Location: Spleen

Drone: I report a contingent of cold viruses meandering through the airways.

Borg Queen: Indeed. Leave them be unless they attack. Target the incoming dust and attack on my mark!

Drone: <does as told without any expression whatsoever>

Virus: <Sneaks up and attacks Drone>

Queen:  <Drone’s distress registers in hive mind> Hahaha. You will be assimilated.

Virus: <grins as gazillions of copies appear with rotating frequency phaser rifles> Assimilate this!


Perhaps I need a Locutus….



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