Across the Divide

For my baby brother, who would be 31 today.

*Across the Divide

Mama says I asked for you;

A baby brother, tiny, new.

Years have dimmed the memory;

But now and then I recall the glee.

Then I learned you had to grow.

And so to you I passed,

My knowledge so you’d catch up fast.


Time passed, then we were three;

Mischief makers on a spree.

Baby sister, you, and me,






One day I found myself upon the bank of a vast divide;

Growing up had left you both upon the other side.

Alone and bereft,

I hated time for its theft.

I had no choice but to go my way,

Always watching for the day,

When one would once again be three.


You sat upon my bed one night.

We talked and chatted and did not fight.

We joked and spoke of dreams and plans, hoped and schemed.

Our futures bright, spread before us, so it seemed.

I wish I’d hugged or thanked you.

You made my wish come true;

One was now two.


I stand upon another shore;

Time must heal the breach once more.

Baby sister at my side,

We cannot hurry across the divide.

Hand in hand,

We walk time’s sand,

And in our hearts your spirit walks along our path.

*This is an original work with all right belonging to me the author. Please do not reproduce without proper citation.


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