Call me Dr. Google

I don’t know everything. Sure, I know a lot of things, but no one knows everything. Somewhere along the line my friends realized I gave good advice, whether it was in regard to relationships or medical suggestion. The scary thing? I’ve caught doctors’ mistakes on at least three separate occasions. Of course, I am studying medicinal chemistry, and who do you think teaches the medical students about drugs? Medicinal chemists.

Armed with the power of Google, I am a force to be reckoned with.

Somehow, maybe via the secret and mysterious Googlely works behind Google, people outside my circles of family and friends have called upon me for advice.

Okay, so the one woman who worked in the lab near mine who once shared labs with me wasn’t exactly a stranger, but we didn’t exactly hang out either. I think I found out more about her than anyone else and assured her that the magic of antibiotics would fix her right up.

Last week I got an email from a fellow student with whom I’ve maybe exchanged a handful of passing words. She requested an opportunity to speak with me on a personal matter. At first I ran through possible screw ups on my part, but wouldn’t that involve, you know, interaction in order to screw up? No, it definitely sound like an advice seeker. I sent her the info on my location (I’m squirrely. You never know where I may be.) but she never showed.

Perhaps she reconsidered asking a perfect stranger for advice or maybe she found out that I’m not really a doctor….yet.


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