Skinny Minnie

I read a link today which claimed Disney altered Minnie Mouse’s physique to accommodate some hideous dress for a display window. Alter how?Skeletal, of course, which as we know is the “in” look.  It’s absurd.

One perk of being a tomboy as a kid was that such a thing as body image didn’t even register on my radar until I was fifteen or sixteen, and even then only briefly. By then I had gone from tomboy to academic nerd. Not until I entered college and bought my own clothes did I think of body image, and being of a scientific nature, I aimed for a healthy BMI, walked, and ate healthy, and that was it. No obsessing. No “OMG, I’m FAT!”. Sure, from time to time I bemoan the evils of cellulite and stretch marks, but I harbor no insane notion that I need to be skin and bones to be beautiful.

Miss Diva started critiquing my fashion at age three. As a toddler Miss Drama couldn’t leave the house without accessorizing. They have both asked if they are fat, which is delusional. Neither one has much, if any, fat. I stress healthy eating and activity, so where does this absurd notion come from? Peers and media.

Countering the craziness from other kids is bad enough. Now I have to explain why Minnie Mouse looks like she was stretched on a rack? My answer should any of my kids run across this inane image: Entertainment people have air for brains.


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