Mostly Unpublished

A fellow author linked an interesting anthology submission call yesterday. The publisher is planning an anthology consisting entirely of previously unpublished authors! I have a story that I sent to about five publishers, three of which rejected, and two of whom do not read email or respond to follow ups. I waited over eight months before sending the follow up emails, so it isn’t as if I’m harassing them. One had even cc’d me early on when a junior editor forwarded the story to the senior editors with the recommendation that they publish the story. Yet, all I’ve heard in the ten or eleven months since then is silence. Okay, more like kids hollering, dogs barking, and cats meowing, but definitely no publishers in that cacophony.  The story in question would suit the anthology well, not just from the “unpublished” aspect, but it is a dark fantasy piece, just the right length, AND already written and polished.

“Yay!” you say.

Eh, not so fast….

It seems they are very picky about their definition of “unpublished”. While bigger houses ignore claims of credits from amateur presses (non-paying or token pay), these guys declare that “PUBLISHED!” I have one piece which was published in Midnight Screaming last year.

Well damn.

I’m now too “famous” to be included. Okay, famous is a stretch. It seems I’m caught between utterly unknown and mostly unknown. On the bright side, if it’s anything like the difference between mostly dead and all dead, there is definite hope.




2 responses to “Mostly Unpublished

  1. There’s still life in the ol’ girl yet!

    I wonder if they’ll update their guidelines…

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