Confessions of a Creative Multi-tasker

Very rarely am I ever doing only one single thing. Sure, there are times where it looks like I’m doing one thing, but looks are deceiving. Once upon a time I sat for hours playing with Legos or  reading a book, or playing with my toys, but the days of such single-minded focus were let behind with the Legos. Even with my writing, though I have a widget on this site which displays my “progress” it isn’t really accurate. It only follows the progress of a single story, and unless I’m buckled down in editing mode, I flit from one story to another as the Muse strikes.

Pitfalls of creative multi-tasking:

  1. Plotting a scene in your head is fine, as long as you know the directions to your destination. Attempting to find a new place while simultaneously crafting a scene will guarantee at least one missed turn.
  2. It is never a good idea to cook bacon in one room as you muse upon plot twists and dry your hair in the other, even if your hair dries in a matter of three minutes. Inevitably, the bacon will be burned.
  3. Be prepared to have moments when you check back in to reality just in time to NOT put the milk in the dishwasher.
  4. When you craft that perfect one-liner dialogue and bust out laughing, people will stare.
  5. Nothing is as  frustrating as an interrupted fight scene, but remember it is best not to demonstrate said scene in real life.

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