Strange Coincidence

I’ve written a couple of posts about the idiocy of my eldest son’s school administration regarding math and topics which should not be used to demonstrate math concepts.

They responded by taking ALL the posters down and saying not one word more on the subject. Okay, it galls me that misinformation is still out there, but it was at least a tolerable solution.

The first week of school the administration gave me a headache because they couldn’t read their own enrollment lists. School has been in session for two and a half weeks. I had been told that everything was fine. Today, I get a call:

“Hello. We’ve pulled your son out of class. He doesn’t belong here. We can’t enroll him. You need to take him to your assigned school and enroll him there.”

“He was on the list when I registered! They assured me they had it sorted out.”

“We can’t enter him in the system.”

“I got an approval letter!”

“I’m sorry, but he’ll need to go to Wooddale.”

“He got approved for an open choice transfer BECAUSE that school has been failing for a decade!”

“If you can bring the letter up here…”

“I shouldn’t have to. It isn’t my fault you can’t read your own damn lists and he is not going to that ghetto school.”

At this point I hung up, dropped everything I was doing, hauled butt down to the school board offices and asked for a copy of my letter. As expected, this was not a problem. They did notice an issue in the system. It seems he was approved for an optional transfer, which no one bothered to tell me about. Gee, thanks. So, the nice lady walks me to the optional enrollment office…. right next door.

“Oh, yes, I spoke with them this morning about your son.”

Open enrollment lady adds, “He was approved for Ridgeway Middle via an open choice transfer. So she just needs to void the other transfer?”


She hands me a pink form which takes all of two minutes to fill out and sign, she clicks a little button, and done.

“The school called me, pulled him out of class, and insisted he wasn’t assigned to them and I needed to go enroll him at Wooddale.”

Optional school lady looks at me in disbelief. “I hope that’s not how it happened.”

“It most certainly is.”

So let’s summarize:

1) School can’t read list, but then learns to read and locates my child’s name.

2) Speaks to offices and knows there’s a conflicting optional transfer in the system.

3) Does not inform me of conflict.

4) Insists I must pull my child from school.

5) Pulls my child out of class, not once, but twice, causing him to miss instruction time, despite the fact he’s been in school for two and a half weeks.

6) This happens after I made a fuss about my child being taught inappropriate and incorrect information.

I’m sure it’s all just one big misunderstanding. Sadly, as he’s already enrolled and attending Ridgeway, he can’t transfer to the optional school he DID get into. That makes SO much sense.

Tomorrow I get to march into the office for the third time, wave my little letter, and inform them in a saccharine voice that I’m sure we won’t have anymore issues.


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