That Parent

After confirming details and facts with Mr. Smarty pants about the project I found grossly inappropriate for math class, not only was the slang (and I use that word generously) term used, it was the title of the poster. This poster is hanging up in his classroom.

So here are my choices:

  1. Drop the subject. My child is well informed and my place on the scientific knowledge pedestal is solid at least until he asks me to work a physical chemistry problem.
  2. Be THAT parent. You know the one. The one that puts up a fuss and causes a ruckus.  I know that teaching facts seems far fetched, but call me a cock-eyed optimist.

I’m leaning toward choice two. When eighty percent of Memphis City Schools pass in stead of fail, then they can experiment with teaching techniques. They can’t get one subject right at a time, I’m not letting them screw up two at a time.


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