Easy as A-B-C…

It should be as easy as…

1. Locate neighborhood school

2. Enroll child

3. Send child to school

If only.
Last February I jumped through hoops, including paying for private testing, to apply for acceptance into one of the city’s “optional” schools. Seeing as how the children have attended one of these optional schools all through elementary, supposedly the best public elementary in the city, I can assure you that there isn’t anything all that special about them other than the fact they met the required national standards.

Different optional schools have different requirements, but ideally most are geared toward college prep/advanced academics. By weeding out the not-so-bright kids, of course their stats go up.

Anyway, due to Mr. Smarty-pant’s inconsistent grades, despite being in the gifted and talented program, he could not get into one of the coveted handful of middle schools which are not failing. So, I looked at two charter schools and an “open enrollment” AKA “parent’s choice” school as backup. If your assigned school is failing, you get the option of applying via open enrollment to a non-failing school. Ninety percent of Memphis likely qualifies.

So, we were all set to go to the brand new charter school that opened, only we discovered that they cut the bus routes in our zip code.

Option 1: GONE

So, I called the second charter to which he had gained approval for enrollment.

And called.

And called.

And called again.


Option 2: GONE

Thankfully, he had gotten into my back-up to the back-up school, via open enrollment.  As expected, he was on the list at registration. Today, however, I get a call.

“Ma’am, we aren’t sure why Mr. Smarty-pants is enrolled here. In the system he’s assigned to Craptastic Middle School*”

“He got approved through open enrollment.”

“He’s not on our list.”

“He was on the list at registration.”

“Oh I see him. He’s on the optional school list?”

“No, OPEN ENROLLMENT. He didn’t get in via optional school application.”

—On hold music for five minutes—

“Nevermind, we’ve figured it out. Have a good day.”

Is it any wonder the kids are failing? The administration can’t even read their own lists.





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