Nothing but…brick!

Anyone in the business of writing knows that the hardest thing to deal with is the rejection. You are sending a piece of your soul out there into the scary world and then waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more.

Ask authors and some find rejection in every form painful. Others hate the form rejection. Some loathe the personal rejections. It’s the black hole of silence that infuriates me. That is followed closely by the ones that start a rejection letter with, “I loved this, but…”. On the bright side, it means the story is good, but on the down side, it still isn’t sold. It can make you feel like tearing your hair out.

I’m sure I missed one or two agencies or publishers that I’ve submitted to over the last four years, but this is a fairly accurate snapshot of what I’ve gotten back:

Sad lack of red

So, what is the take home message?


Much like the lottery, success in this business is half due to pure chance. Did you happen to submit to that one house which has an editor who was having a good day when he or she picked up your submission?

Keeping the subjective aspect of rejection in mind, do everything in your power to skew the odds in your favor. This means follow ALL the guidelines for each and every submission. Submit to publishers that put out books in the genre to which your work belongs. Don’t waste your time or the editor’s by submitting to a house that doesn’t publish your genre.

While waiting for the chirping crickets to cough up a response one way or another, keep writing!


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