Decieving Appearances

Ever hear the theory that people grow to look like their pets? Or, maybe it’s the pets that grow to look like their owners? Seeing as how I have many varied critters, one could see how that is unlikely to happen in my case. As I mused upon my critters’ habits it occurred to me that I have not escaped the whole pet-owner assimilation thing after all.

1. I’m a shameless snuggler.- I get cold easily and well, who doesn’t like cuddling? Junior and Zeke share this same attitude, which is why every time I sit down, one of them finds my lap.  When the cats were kittens, they all snuggled:

Optimum kitten coverage achieved

2. I guard my food.- I have been known to wave a knife or fork with intent to stab should someone try to steal from my plate. If I didn’t, my voracious hoard of minions would leave me nothing. Mable will let me take just about anything from her, but heaven help any furry critter who comes near her bowl. Lots of teeth and snarling replace her happy doggie grin. I think much like my kids have me figured out, the others are on to her. She’s all bark and very little bite.

3. I enjoy marathon sleeping. – Next to eating, sleeping is definitely in my top five list of favorite activities. All my critters spend long, exhausting days napping.  They rouse in the evening for a round of “Let’s trip Mom” and “who can beg for food the best”, followed by some bark-a-thons, and then it’s off to bed, as napping is very tiring.

Kitteh napping committee

4. I fully believe in the power of sunbeam recharging.- Remember that bit about me getting cold easily? I’ve yet to work in an office that maintains a nice comfy temperature of 75-78. They all want to refrigerate me, aside from that one place that alternately froze and cooked me. Ever try to feel perky and full of energy while suffering from hypothermia? Cats have discovered that the perfect recharging source is the sun. It’s pure unadulterated energy for the taking. Napping is hard work, so they fully maximize the sun’s power to get naps done right.

5. I go in and out the door countless times before I actually leave the house.  I mean to leave promptly. I truly do. I just have a habit of forgetting the ten million things that must be done between leaving the house and departing the driveway. Then I remember and have to go back in, and then out, and then back in, and back out…. I think Jack has taken up my bad example and run with it. He goes out and then meows to come in. He comes in and meows to go out. In. Out. In. Out. It seems I’m a bad influence.

I guess my critters and I are more alike than we look.


One response to “Decieving Appearances

  1. Love the excepts from your world..

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