I can haz holodeck*?

Even those unfamiliar with the world of Star Trek, have heard of holograms. In the real world, they make hologram stickers and other little things where the image appears to pop out at you or move as you tilt the item.  Scientists are working to create real-time images, but we aren’t there yet. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, they went a step farther than a flickery little image or even a life-size image used to send messages. Thanks to a marvelous thing called a holodeck, the people on board could project any environment they wanted. Not only did things look real, but they felt, smelled, and sounded real as well. It was essentially a virtual reality room which didn’t require a suit or interface of any sort. In general, the ship’s crew and passengers used it for exercise and recreation.

Far fetched? Absolutely.

Awesome idea? Totally.

Here are my top five reasons** why I want a holodeck:

1. Weather control

Today I walked outside and instead of breathing the normal 78:20ish Nitrogen to Oxygen ratio, I was hit by a wall of water vapor. My lungs take extreme affront to oxygen accompanied by those two annoying little hydrogens. (Water= H2O) How can I enjoy a walk or bike ride if I’m breathing water?

2. Insect control

There’s more of them than there are of us. I’m pretty sure if they figure out to stop fighting each other they could usurp control of the world and subjugate humanity. The roaches know how to avoid Raid! I’m telling you, they are smarter than you think.

I love outdoors. Unfortunately it comes equipped with creepy crawling insects, flying nuisances, and annoying disease vectors. Sure, they each serve a purpose in the ecosystem, but only an etymologist could argue against the dream of going outside in the summer without dosing oneself in stinky poison.

3. New diet plan

  If it’s made of light, it can’t possibly have calories, right? Not to mention, I could eat a grilled mushroom, swiss, burger with all of the toppings and not feel as if the Grim Reaper was stalking me.

4. Pet day care

If there’s no bugs and it’s a confined space, the dogs and even the cats could romp and roam to their hearts’ content until I announced, “Computer, end program”.

5.  Gravity can’t get me

    Holodecks come with built in safety measures. Unless you are a thrill seeker and turn them off, the program won’t let you get hurt. For someone who trips walking across a flat surface, this could come in quite handy.

Can we program in a beach please?

*The military should share.

**The any location, time period, etc seems to be a given, in my opinion.



2 responses to “I can haz holodeck*?

  1. and her name was Grace,,,,,

  2. And imagince the potential as an author for designing new choose your own adventure frameworks! ahhh,,, but thrill seekers beware!

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