Yard Trek: The Search for Ceiling Cat

These are the exploits of Basement Kitten: her continuing mission to explore strange new grass, to seek out new life and new noms, to boldly go where no kitten has gone before!

Basement Kitten’s Log: Yard Date 5.9.2012

I’ve continued my forays into new and unexplored territories. A worm hole just beyond the borders of alpha quadrant leads to as yet unexplored territory. This wormhole sucks in all liquid matter and some occasional solid debris, but so far seems safe for living creatures. One of the new colonists followed me on my exploration of the wormhole. As it passed safely, I took a closer look.

The new colonists are called Gallus domesticus. One has taken to dropping suspicious oval objects in close proximity to the entrance of Yard Base. I fear this may be an attempt to breech our security measures. The leader of the Federation of Yard Creatures, the Grand nom Giver, sends out search parties to collect these suspicious objects and stores them for further scientific studies.

Of special note, our allies in the next quadrant have expressed thanks for evicting Sciurus carolinensis from their Yard Base. Our patrols have deterred them from their nefarious salvage activities.

Throughout the galaxy, tales are told of Ceiling Cat. In an effort to seek out proof of Ceiling Cat’s existence, I conducted an away mission into the bowels of Yard Base’s Ceiling Zone. The dangers were many. The dust threatened to overwhelm life support systems. Communications with Yard Base were cut off for hours.

All reports indicate that no Ceiling Cat is present in the Federation’s Yard Base. The Grand Nom Giver declares that further explorations are not advisable due to the dangers of the mission.

Basement Kitten, Signing Off




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