Signs I’m one of *them*

…. a *gasp* mature adult.

1) I holler at neighborhood kids to get off the lawn. Okay, technically I tell them to stay the hell out of my flowers as I have no lawn, just a motley collection of weeds.

2) I correct grammar, and spelling, and occasionally require a translation of what one of my children just said.

3) It doesn’t take much for a conversation to devolve into a “back in my day”.

4) My idea of a wild party is a gaggle of children racing through the house.

5) When faced with new technology I sometimes consider having Mr. Smarty-pants show me what the heck it does.


My conclusion? I must make my way posthaste to a park and go slide down a slide and perhaps attempt riding my bike without hands. On second thought, maybe I’ll stick to the slide. I don’t bounce as well as I used to.


4 responses to “Signs I’m one of *them*

  1. I do not agree that any of the items on your list would categorize you as a mature adult because then I would have to be one and, well, that just makes no sense. Excuse me while I go find a playground with a slide…

  2. Cancel it out by yelling at the kids with a cartoon character ice-cream. It’ll confuse them.

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