Life Truisms

1) The experts really are right. Four hours of sleep is not enough.

2) Children do not come equipped with volume control.

3) If a bug gets in the car, it will make its appearance while you are hurtling along at eighty miles an hour, surrounded by other cars, and it will be accompanied by flailing and high pitched screams from whomever finds it.

4) Children get sick at inopportune times. I’m fairly certain their immune systems reject all convenient days as possibilities.

5) An adolescent boy eats his weight in food, or close to it.

6) The people “in charge” rarely have a clue. It’s the little people that get stuff done.

7) Cats are more interested in the option of going outside than the actual act of being outside.

8) It isn’t the opinion of faceless strangers which matters most, but the opinion of the individuals we hold in high regard which can validate or crush our spirit if allowed.

9) Happiness is not a magic occurrence which can be  experienced if the right conditions are met. It is a state of mind which can take a lifetime to master.

10) Sometimes everything goes wrong, but not only is it not your fault, there is nothing you can do about it other than accept and move on.


As a parent I want to share my hard won wisdom with my children, but more often than not they must learn in their own way. I learned not to play with matches by getting burned. I learned that razors cut by picking up the blade my father told me not to touch. I learned that watching and doing it yourself are two totally different things. In short, often in my life I learned things the hard way. Perhaps the hardest lesson to learn is that sometimes you have to just step back and let people make their choices for good or ill. As a parent, that can be excruciating. As a significant other, it can raise you to the highest joys or dash you upon the rocks of despair. The tidbit of wisdom I try to hang onto is that every experience in life can teach us something even if it takes time to discover the lesson.



One response to “Life Truisms

  1. I swear, I’m trying to learn my lessons…

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