Non-denomiational basement kitteh

Every since I brought Midnight home, she’s showed equal interest in both the cats and dogs in the household. Not once did she consider that maybe she should keep her distance from the canine members of the family. I can see how Millie, being an older, quiet canine could attract her interest, especially since Millie always warned of the approach of Basement Wannabee cat, a.k.a. Diamond.

Likewise, Marble, whose first best furry pal was a cat, understood that one doesn’t play as rough with a cat as one does with a dog. They exchange playful bats from time to time, but Midnight is far more interested in Marble’s large fascinating tail. Marble is rather possessive of her tail, so she decided that she’d rather play with Zeke than the tiny cat fixated on catching her tail.

When Zeke first started playing with Midnight, I feared he would hurt her or she would get fed up and use those sharp claws to teach him the concept of personal space. Oddly enough, the two of them roll and carry on as if Zeke wasn’t five times her size. They take fake swipes at each other, chase each other, nom each other’s fur, and anyone not used to such behavior might think they are attempting to kill each other. Considering they also groom and snuggle, when they allow for a moment of stillness, it’s fair to assume no death plots are occurring. In fact, I wonder sometimes if Midnight thinks she’s part dog. Sure, she uses a litter box and purrs, but what about these behaviors:

1) Drinks from the toilet

2) Likes playing with water

3) Comes when called

4) Tries to bury her food/treats

5) Plays fetch

What? Don’t believe me? Watch this. In fact, she has the game down better than Zeke, who is half Retriever. I can only conclude that she will steal our souls with her cuteness and does not care about little details like being a different species. Beware! The dark side is adorable.




One response to “Non-denomiational basement kitteh

  1. OMG! Your cat is really a dog! I love it! lol

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