In case you’re wondering…

I mentioned in an earlier post that I purchased hens. It has occurred to me, based on the numerous questions posed by the neighborhood children that a chicken FAQ fact sheet might be in order. I’m basing my FAQ’s on actual inquiries received.

1) Yes, the feathered things running around in my yard are live chickens. Personally I would find zombie chickens rather disturbing.

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2) Yes, they are indeed the same thing one buys at the store, batters, and deep fries.

3) In reference to #2, yes this is accomplished by killing, cleaning, plucking and cooking, as I for one have no interest in eating something that is still flapping its wings.

4) If you cut off their head, no they do not continue to lay eggs.

5) No, I do not have to pull the eggs out of the chicken.

6) Similar to #2, yes, the eggs laid by the hens and are the same as the ones bought at the store.

7) We do the same thing with the eggs as one would with store bought eggs….eat them.

8) Yes, chicks hatch from eggs, but this requires a rooster. For further information on reproduction, for children, please ask your parents. If you are an adult, and need information, please use Google or another search engine.

9) Yes, chickens eat bugs and other sundry things. This isn’t really any more gross than us eating them. As tempting as it is for me to say otherwise, no, the chickens will not attempt to eat you.

10) As much as I wish to claim otherwise for the protection of my feathered flock, these particular hens are not very bright. I’d like to claim they are guard chickens which fiercely guard the house, but even the children asking these questions would realize how much of a lie that is.

I do hope I have answered your questions about chickens.




7 responses to “In case you’re wondering…

  1. I always used to freak out because I thought when I ate eggs, I was actually eating a chick some how. Luckily, someone eventually cleared that up.
    I actually don’t enjoy eating chickens very much, generally. It’s hard to say why- maybe the cheap ones just taste like filler instead of actual, tender meat? Eww. But really good fried chicken is unbeatable.
    Anyways, nice post.
    Azure James

    • southerndreamer

      When I was about 8 I thought the same thing. I “rescued” an egg from the fridge and made it nice and cozy in my chest of drawers. After about a week of not hatching my very own chick, I forgot all about it. My mom discovered it weeks later. It was an utter miracle that it didn’t break and send off disgusting fumes.

  2. I found some interesting links when I went to Google…

  3. Would you have gotten the chickens in the first place if you had to “pull the eggs out of them”?

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