What’s the hurry?

Winter ran through, barely even gracing us with a whisper of cold. It seems Spring is following suite. She made an early appearance, what with winter wandering off to another hemisphere rather earlier than is polite. The cool days with a touch of warmth from a golden sun lasted just long enough to get our hopes up. It isn’t even the first official day of spring and already temperatures are climbing into the 80s.  I’m forced to ask the seasons, “What’s the hurry?”

For the last 14 years that I’ve experienced spring in Memphis, I always bought an optimistically short-sleeve dress for Easter and then ended up freezing if I didn’t have a sweater with it. Furthermore I haven’t felt the urge to wear shorts earlier than the last week of April, and yet I wore them yesterday while gardening. I didn’t even get cold after the sun set!

I can only conclude that Winter and Spring are terrified of Summer and are running for their lives.

Should we worry? I’m generally fond of Summer, but what if she’s out to get all of us? I can only hope she takes mercy on my poor little seedlings. Is she feeling vindictive? Did I insult her with my wishes for snow?

Last year a thunderstorm flattened half my corn. The heat and ants got the rest. I’m debating if I should even attempt corn now.

This morning on the radio some disc jockey claimed “they” were predicting a mild summer. Even the dj’s seemed amused by this prediction. I wonder who “they” are and what planet they are on.

If you happen to see Spring, tell her she can come stay at my house for awhile if she wants.



4 responses to “What’s the hurry?

  1. I heard a meteorologist say the other day that a warmer than usual March does not indicate a warmer than usual summer, and she cited a few years as proof. I tend to lean towards fearing summer, myself.

  2. I think mother nature is experiancing menopause and is taking it out on everyone else

  3. I’m a summer baby so I like summer, but not the humidity that comes with the high temps. Today was so nice. Heat with little humidity. I’m worried summer is going to be this humid, buggy, hot mess this year. I’ll be sequestered inside.

  4. I’m not looking forward to this summer either. It’s already 80 degrees in March?? Eff that.

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