You want to do what?!

Spring is nearly here and with that comes the wonderful urge to shop! I know. I can almost hear your thoughts. Jeeze, she’s going to talk about fashion. For those few souls who actually adore fashion, I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but that isn’t what I’m talking about. Okay, so what IS talking about?

Dirt! Duh!


Okay, maybe I should back up a step and explain. This past weekend my dear Soup King and I were attempting to settle on what to do on the glorious sunny Sunday. On my list, after suggesting a walk in the park, or renting paddle boats, was going to Home Depot and buying soil and some more bricks.

“How about we do something that isn’t a chore?” Soup King suggested.

I attempted to explain, “A chore? No, it’s FUN. It’s like shopping for shoes.” I paused as I considered that analogy. I chose it because women are supposed to like shoe shopping. I loathe it. Shoe shopping ranks lower than bathing suit shopping. Heck, grocery shopping rates above both of those. So I decided to amend my simile. “No, I hate shoe shopping. It ranks way above shoe shopping.”

He laughed and agreed that we could go buy dirt. Sadly, we dilly-dallied a little too long and never got around to it, but that’s okay. It just means that when I buy it next weekend I can promptly play in it. I’m not making mud-pies. I’m making a new garden bed to edge the path to my front door. Planting flowers and plants and watching them grow fills me with this wondrous joy. I feel connected to nature.

I’m not sure which is worse, my sister’s closet full of shoes or my flowerbed addiction.




2 responses to “You want to do what?!

  1. I’m with you my dear… and plants, must buy plants too! Sounds so wonderful to me.

  2. Too coincidental that while at work today someone told me two write about something I truly loved. I responded with a sonnet to Lowe’s, but said I wouldn’t mind writing about my love of fresh potted soil that has just been watered. That is my aphrodisiac.

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