That’s not my order.

I swear, I did not put in a trenta order of chaos. Really. Who can chug that much chaos anyhow? I’m fine with a small, easy to manage tall order. While I’m asking, what’s with the extra pumps of bills? It does not improve the flavor of the chaos, I assure you.



Drink up



“What ever is she babbling about?”, you ask.

I’m glad you asked.

When I say “chaos”, I’m referring to the craptastic events of late. They tend to appear in giant uber doses before life returns to its regularly scheduled hum-drumness. I shall pour out my trenta cup for inspection of its ingredients.

1. Heating and AC have reached their limits. Furnace is a fire hazard, requiring pricey band-aid to patch up. I purchased a new system. Yay for more debt! <sarcasm>

2. The car, no doubt jealous of the attention the house received, spewed forth coolant until the temperature gauge reached undesirable levels. Aiming high, the car demands a new radiator, (cap sold separately).

3. In my hurry to not keep the shuttle waiting, I accidentally locked the key IN the car.

4. I discovered that my wallet was not in my bag and remembered that it was safe and sound….at home.

5. The computer I use at the lab crashed upwards of ten times in under an hour. I attempted to circumvent this problem by frequent saving. It circumvented my circumvention by crashing mid-save and corrupting the file.

6. I attempted to get a chromatography machine operating. It involved leaking air, leaking solvent, and tubes popping off before finally operating.

If trouble comes in 3s, that’s two groups of three. I really, really hope my cup of chaos is full.



4 responses to “That’s not my order.

  1. Wow, that IS craptastic. Sounds like you’re due for some good fortune soon. Hopefully…

  2. Just remember, it can always be worse.

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