No Kitty!

Of all my cats, toilet kitten, aka Midnight, is the most mischievous.

“That’s because she’s a kitten!” you say.

Since I got all the others as kittens and I’m well versed in kitten antics, I can safely say that no it is more than that.

All the others did the usual climbing on things and careening around at odd hours. She’s far more daring and tenacious.

Let’s examine Midnight vs. Other Cats

  • First time seeing a dog. 

        Other Cats= hiss and hide.     Midnight= “Hiya!” (Bats at tail, nose, or whatever body part nears her.)

  • First time seeing water outside of a water bowl.

       Other Cats= “ZOMG, WATER! Back away!”     Midnight= “Ooh. Fun.” (bats w/paw)  

  • Noticing fish in fish tank for first time

        Other Cats= “Mmm. Fresh dinner….but, eh, not worth the effort.”

         Midnight= “Mmm. Fresh dinner!” Even if it involves contortions to get her paw into the back filter area, she keeps at it.I expect to find the remains of an angel fish on the floor any day now.

  • HVAC repair man comes into house.

        Other Cats= “Ahhh! Stranger! HIDE!!!!”

        Midnight= “Hiya! Whatcha doin’? Oooh, a hole to explore!” (HVAC Technician panics as kitten leaps into duct opening. I lure her out with food.)

I only occasionally have to shoo the cats away from my plants. Most of the time they leave them alone. Then, of course, Midnight began exploring the house and discovered a miniature jungle just her size, perfect for stalking practice. I imagine she’s pretending she’s a panther weaving through towering trees as she hunts for prey. Unfortunately, getting shot with water does not really phase her much.

I just started a seed flat. I walk in and who is sitting on the seed flat? Midnight. I guess she’s tanning. It takes a lot of UV time to keep up a shiny black coat. I shooed her off at least 3 times in less than an hour. I have roughly a week to figure out how to keep her away before I end up with smooshed dead seedlings and one toasty warm kitten.

First attempt: I spread whole and ground cloves around the plants and seedlings. Any bets on whether she’ll decide clove makes a lovely perfume?


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