Story hopping

Unless I miscounted, I currently have ten projects in my writing folder. One short story has been published in an issue of Midnight Screaming. One book and one short story are a hundred percent complete and wandering through the ruthless submissions desert. Two books are in their beta versions and one final edit away from completion. Seeing as one of those is the sequel to the finished novel, it isn’t at the top of the priority stack. That means fifty percent of my projects are at the story creation stage.

Soup King will confirm that I do not lack in focus. When I enter the phase where I’m carving and molding the bare bones of a story into a piece of art with depth, emotion, and voice I stop only when time is needed to grant me clearer focus and a fresh vision. Creating those bare bones are the hardest task though. I attempt to corral my little plot bunnies by focusing my creative energy on the stories I already have going, but once in a while those little rabbits get busy and spawn a new one that simply MUST be written. I write until my imagination engine sputters and dies. For example, in one of my stories the heroine and hero are in a space ship and she’s going to teach the hero how to read. Maybe my subconscious decided, “Okay, that’ll take a while. Let’s go do something fun while they’re playing school.”  So my brain hoppity-hops over to another story to play until the characters get themselves into a mess and little bunny leaves them to puzzle a way out. Little imagination bunny is a trouble maker. Then again, it is related to Plot Bunny, so….

Image courtesy of CafePress. They sell Plot Bunny stuff. Seriously!

I suppose it is to be expected.

Plot Bunny pounced on me in the elevator this morning and sunk in those sharp pointy teeth. The up side? I now know how book two of my Guardian of the Night series starts. Down side? The little fluffy demon doesn’t care that I’m busy with 3D-QSAR projects, chemical reactions, and cell cultures. If I don’t pacify him soon, he’ll hook up with imagination bunny and spawn more bunnies, all demanding to be written.




One response to “Story hopping

  1. If I’m working on a big project (as I am now), I never let those bunnies grow past flash fiction stature…maybe short story if I can’t help myself. Teacup bunnies!

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