Decisions, decisions..

With Ground  Hog day also came my son’s eleventh birthday. As I attempt to wrap my mind around how time turned my tiny baby into a kid that’s doing his best to catch up to me in height, and finds it hilarious to sneak up behind me and lift me off the ground, another thought occurred to me. If it is now February, MidSouthCon is fast approaching!

I first attended the con in 2010, volunteering as a panel moderator. I had the wonderful fortune of meeting one of my favorite authors, Sherrilyn Kenyon (The only picture I have is all blurry. 😦 ) I managed to do all of my squeeing in my head and present a professional demeanor as I sat down next to her and moderated two of her panels. As it was my first convention, I didn’t dress up, as I still wasn’t quite certain what a convention was. In 2011 I once again moderated a number of panels and assisted in the running of the Con, but I got more into the spirit of things. I wore one costume and one ensemble that was costume-ish (It had a medieval feel to it and definitely turned heads in the store, but other than the cloak they were items from my wardrobe I wear regularly.).

My rendition of a Charonte demon (Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series)

Nothing turns heads in Target like walking in wearing a cloak.


More recently I attended ShadowCon, which has a pirate theme.To fit with the theme, and Soup King’s being drafted into a pirate crew I threw together this:

The gun was borrowed. The best I could come up w/on short notice was a cheap plastic thing that looked like a hay bailer hook.


There are some really spectacular costumes at the con, so I don’t really plan to try win any prizes, but rather do it for the fun. So, I must decide on a costume for the upcoming con. :O I could do the demon thing again or do something totally new. IF I had a nifty, sparkly, contract for one of my books I could dress as one of my characters, but alas, I do not. Then again, most of them don’t wear anything particularly exciting. Well, there is that nearly naked faerie in that one scene, but I aim for a PG-13 rating for my attire. Kids do attend these things. Which begs another question: to bring the hooligan squad or not?

So, dear internet denizens, what say ye?


One response to “Decisions, decisions..

  1. Something original is always fun, but I haven’t the slightest idea of what to suggest.

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