I can haz day off?

This weekend I spent most of Saturday out weeding my vegetable garden. Spring is often insanely wet and several sources have suggested tilling during the winter. The benefits of this are twofold. One, the soil is drier and breaks up instead of sticking together in massive mud cakes. Two, by turning the soil over, the next good freeze will kill at least some of the dormant critters that feasted upon my garden last year. So, I took advantage of the sunny day and not too cold temperature to remove offending weeds in preparation. I also took two long walks with the dogs. My asthma objected to so much activity in cool air. By nightfall I began wheezing. So, I figured I’d use my regular inhaler and the steroid one for good measure. Bad idea. I really should have skipped the steroid inhaler. Steroid depress the immune system. What happened? The first little cold virus that came along pounced on me. The next day I was a dead ringer for the actors in Nyquil commercials.

Today I felt no better. Doped up on cold meds I daydreamed about how lovely it would be to be one of my cats right now. They sit around the house and have a grueling day of naps. Then I thought about what would happen if one of them took my place at work.

5 Reasons not to send a cat to work in place of me:

  1. When giving or watching a presentation, the cat would attack the laser pointer dot on the screen.
  2. Some very expensive genetically engineered mice would become snacks.
  3. The workplace frowns on frequent napping.
  4. When lab supplies get delivered the cat would spend all day playing with the box.
  5. Pouncing on people in the workplace results in HR complaints.

If not for the laser pointer thing, I don’t think they’d notice the difference in seminar.



One response to “I can haz day off?

  1. Not to mention the horrifical possibilities if Erwin Schrödinger’s ghost were to show up unexpectedly or perhaps Erwin from alternate reality, in which case (or should I say box?) the cat/you will be totally screwed.

    However, I wish you could maybe figure out how to clone yourself. That way one of you could take a nap while the other did stuff and then tag one another and trade off on things. Plus just imagine how much you could get done! I don’t want you to be sick. Get well SOON! {{{hugs}}}

    P.S. I think that some of those people in seminar might be more animated chasing the pointer. Just sayin’

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