Analyze this…

People write books on dream interpretation. There are even people who make a living telling you what your dreams mean. Sure, sometimes dreams have complex hidden messages, but sometimes they’re pretty darn obvious. My brain plays movie mishmashes from time to time, or tries to work out why my darn experiments aren’t working in the lab. Those are pretty much no brainers. Last night’s dream was sparked by a poster on the kid’s after-school care center that looked like this:


I acted nonchalant, but my inner self resembled this:

I managed to make it all the way through childhood without ever experiencing the horror that are lice. Unfortunately, in the past two years my kids brought them home twice. Contrary to what I was told as a kid, lice are not something that “dirty” children get. In fact, the cleaner your hair, the more likely one will say, “Hey, Bob, Barry, Susy, Flo, this head is awesome. Bring the gang!”

Needless to say, as soon as I walked into the center, I checked each child’s head (currently bug free) and reiterated the spiel about not sharing hats, combs, clothes, barrettes, ponytail holders, scrunchies, heck, even personal space if I had my way. Those bugs are evil. Many are immune to the stuff they sell at the store. I had to use a combination of olive oil (smothers the adult lice) and flea and tick shampoo (to kill eggs) to kill those suckers. Even after you rid yourself of them, the mere thought that they might be creeping around in your hair makes you itchy and paranoid, or well, at least it made me paranoid.

So what did I dream? You guessed it! Lice. They weren’t mutant lice or world overthrowing lice; just plain old lice, but that was nightmare enough for me. I spent the entire dream slathering my head and the kids’ in olive oil and combing out nits. That wasn’t the most horrific part. In the dream, Soup King got a buzz cut!!!!

Not the hair!!!!

Not to slight him in the least, and hey, even in the dream I told him I loved him even without awesome long hair. I’m just not a big fan of buzz cuts unless you’re in the military. So, on the bright side, at least my brain found humor in a potentially horrific dream!


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