Google it!

WordPress comes with a handy little feature that shows you what search terms have been used that directed people to one’s blog. Most of my readers are people I know or other bloggers who happened upon the blog via tags. I believe there is an in depth process of using key words and what not to drive readers to one’s blog. In case you’re wondering, I have no idea what that process is. I’m proud to say that in the nine months since I began blogging, I’ve  hit 1,000 total views! I know, there are probably bloggers out there who manage that in a single day. I’m not sure the antics of my critter horde or witty commentary by the three kiddos really rates that kind of attention. We just aren’t ready for that kind of paparazzi. How would I explain the pictures of Miss Drama streaking through the house? What if they snapped incriminating photos of Mr. Smarty-pants and Miss Diva using duct-tape to tie up their sister? Sadly, I must admit I have photographic evidence of this. Considering my children may one day hold the power of life and death decisions in my old age, I’ll be kind and withhold the damning photos, especially since Miss Drama seemed to enjoy being duct-taped to a file cabinet.

Since I’ve yet to invite, by cleverly inserting special words that all the search engines snatch for their little searches, the hordes of people dying to hear my every word, I wondered if anyone had landed on my blog via a search. It turns out, not many. Some search engines it seems have not yet sold out to the Google advertising machine, and do not share their info, thus the “Unknown terms”. I thought everyone used Google.

All but one search make sense, as the words appear in at least one blog, or handily, in the title. I’m still wondering how on earth that one landed on my blog and why anyone would search it. I probably shouldn’t ask those kinds of questions. My brain might melt. Further, I suspect I should tell my friend, whose name I took out, that her doppelganger is hanging out with a shifty, although supposedly “sex exy” and “hot” guy named Johnny.

love is dreamer a-ha
secret love affair
picky, picky, picky, frosty the snowman
#### ######## and johnny sex exy hot
fictional dreamer
Unknown search terms

9 responses to “Google it!

  1. I do like analyzing search engine entries too! Good to see I’m not alone in this.

    • At a writer’s conference, they discussed blogging and other internet media. Even without optimization, what I understood, was that regular updates were key. The more you update, the more the little search spider things crawl your page.

      My post attracted a very nice bot that had several good things to say and I could almost believe it was a human typing until it said I “changed [its] life”. It even “followed” my blog. Alas, little bot, I must discriminate. Only people may follow my blog.

      • Regular posting and updating is essential. I can physically see a decrease when I have span without posting often.

      • Also, along those same lines, a while did I did a couple of interviews on the blog with two different artists, both of whom mentioned Basil Gogos as an influence. Even now, two years later, I get more search engine referrals for that phrase than any other.

  2. I will learn a little SEO

  3. Sometimes when I’m searching for a person and I don’t want them to know they’ve been searched for I will copy the google search results and paste them into another browser so it won’t show up (I assume this works, since I’m not clicking from the search page but I could be kidding myself.) I make sure to do this if I’m thinking of contacting them. I am paranoid, I guess!

    Do I know Sexy Exy Johnny’s friend? 😀

  4. It always blows my mind and humbles me when someone searches for “D. A. Adams.” Those are the only ones that ever really catch my eye because it feels surreal that someone would actually go to a search engine and type in my pen name purposefully. I know that’s a good sign and is ultimately what I want to sell more books, but it never ceases to stop me in my tracks.

    • Kudos to you for your successes so far, and I hope there’s more to come! One day, eventually, I hope I can also say “Wow! They searched for me!?”

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