An imaginary conversation

While trekking around campus I often muse open random ideas. Here’s what I imagined a conversation between my brain and various body parts would go:


“Listen up folks. I don’t like the lack of cooperation I’m seeing.” Brain points to wrist. “You, what is up with all the complaints?”

“I don’t like pipetting for five hours. And push-ups? Pft, I refuse to do them.”

“Work needs doing, so suck it up.”

Wrist glares back with a mutinous scowl.

Brain goes over to the intestines, having to veer around a bickering progesterone and estrogen.

“It’s my turn.”

“Uh-uh, MINE.”

“No mine.”


“Shove it ladies,” Brain says, but with little heat as the fight between them is old and not really very interesting. Huddled in the corner, Intestines seem a bit perkier than a couple of days ago. “So, how you feeling?”


“Can you try not to get all worked up over the smallest bit of gluten or casein? I mean, really. How much milk could have possibly been in those vitamins?”

Intestines peers around and whispers, “They’re out to get me.”

Immune system is blatantly eavesdropping nearby and snickers. Brain scowls at Immune system. “I don’t see how any of this is funny.”

Intestines growls at Immune system. “She started the war.”

Immune system howls with laughter and runs away yelling, “Attack!” She leads a battalion of IgE cells which unleash a flurry of antibodies upon a bit of dust floating by and totally ignores the cold virus sneaking up.

Brain groans. “This is what I have to work with? I need chocolate.”



2 responses to “An imaginary conversation

  1. WOW! And I though only my body parts went on like this. (Ask Phil who gets to hear my funny stories about this matter).

    ::Hands over 2 lbs of bestest chocolate ever:: You deserve it. lol

  2. That’s freaking hilarious.

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