Progress Report

Signing my kids’ weekly progress reports combined with the arrival of my very fist published story (it’s a flash piece in the current issue of Midnight Screaming) reminded me that there’s about ten bazillion things I need to do.  I haven’t mentioned my fiction writing since my proposal to pursue the self-pub and regular market and then compare the two processes. I promise, I have not been slacking. I’ve queried three publishers on my novel, and one has a partial. The traditional process is SLOW. It’s been forty-eight days since the publisher I’m hoping accepts it asked for the partial. Now I wait. For those who are unfamiliar with the submit/wait merry-go-round, publishers that accept simultaneous submissions are few and far between. The traditional process is VERY slow. Often months pass before you hear anything. I’ve heard of people hearing back after two years! This, in part, is one reason I’m curious to explore the Kindle self-publishing arena. Before I create the next best seller, 😀  , a marketing  and selling platform has to be in place.

I’m working on my website, but I’m far more adept at balancing chemical formulas than comprehending website tech lingo. I often feel like a not-too-bright dog with its head cocked to one side. “Arf?” I’m figuring it out, one blunder at a time. My advice, if you can afford it, hire a person to create your webpage.

Then of course there’s the whole editing task.While I like to set a story aside for awhile before picking it up again to do final edits, so I can see things with a fresh eye, I admit I’ve been stalling. I have done other writing. I’ve written several thousand words in book three of my first series. A separate short story I wrote has now wandered into the in-boxes of four publishers. So now, it’s wait, wait, and wait some more for that as well. I also edited a friend’s short story.

Add it that it’s the height of the semester, with tons of work, exams and lab work, punctuated with some awful sinus/migraine headaches due to weather changes and I find that my writing time is playing hide-and-go-seek. Maybe when the evil time thieves give me back my hour next week I’ll figure out where my writing time is hiding!

Maybe I was the White Rabbit in a former life.


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