They say you can’t please them all

I adore all nature’s creatures, well except for the insects. I understand they play a role in the ecosystem. I simply rather they not include my house in that system. So when I’m asked if I’m a cat or dog person, I must respond, “Both.” I will admit that I’m more partial to cats. They require less maintenance and don’t meow their heads off if I’m not petting them RIGHT THAT MOMENT. That being said, the interaction of dog and human is also a bond worth creating and cherishing.

I have three dogs. Yes, I plead insanity. Truth be told, two was my magic number. I rescued Marble from the Humane Society two years ago, put her through obedience training and got her to where I wanted her before bringing a puppy in, Zeke, another rescue. Earlier this year a very dear friend of mine passed away suddenly and I inherited his thirteen year old shepherd mix, mostly because I was the only one crazy enough to add to their animal zoo.

Meet Marble, a mellow, well-mannered three year old (unless you happen to trespass or act suspicious, at which point she does a very good wolf impression that scares the neighborhood hoodlums senseless). She takes her guard dog duties quite seriously and also excels rat extermination.

Seriously, she hates the heat

Part Malamute, part collie (best guess) she's got enough fur for a dozen dogs

This is after two or three haircuts this summer, so her fur is just now growing out again. She ADORES cool and even cold weather and resents every moment spent indoors right now.

Meet Zeke, a ten month old puppy that has yet to meet something he won’t try to chew or dig through. As for manners, well, we’re working on those.

He looks like a lab hit with a shrink ray

Part lab, part cocker spaniel, he doesn't have a lot of fur or fat

He takes offense to the sudden chill in the air and already a lap dog, I suspect cuddling will be his full time winter occupation.

Last, but not least, meet Millie, a gracious, gentle, well-mannered 13yr old shepherd mix.

She has no patience for those young dogs

So, while Marble wants out, Zeke wants in, and Millie wants them both to leave her be. Marble and Zeke play together all of the time, but sometime, by the sound of it, one would think they were mortal enemies. Zeke tries coaxing Millie to play. I mean who doesn’t want their face nommed? (He can do this with Marble b/c she has so much fur all he ever does is tug on it.) Marble is perfectly fine with letting Millie mind her own business, as long as she rules the roost. At least there’s no dimensional warfare going on.

They all take different approaches with the cats as well. Marble once had a little cat buddy that she adored and the two of them played together, but he went over rainbow bridge. For the most part she lets the cats do their cat thing, enjoying luring them into a false sense of security and then startling one with a bark now and again.

Millie grew up with cats and guards the kitten from evil Diamond, but she’s old, and guarding is hard work which requires frequent napping.

Zeke, I’m afraid, is a bit confused. He’s been around cats since he was very tiny, and I’m not certain he realizes they are a different species. He seems to have a crush on Lovey, one of the female cats. She’s quite patient with him, but every once in awhile must halt his amorous advances. I wonder if she tolerates his attempts to hump her because she feels bad for the not too bright puppy.

One would think with such temperaments clashing that chaos reigned supreme, but only insomuch as my kids’ junk strewn about and the dirt that gets trekked in, and the mountain of laundry I never conquer. At the end of the day, love, walks, good food and a comfy bed make them all happy. If only children were that easy.


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