I’m on to them…

I’ve mentioned that I have Celiacs, which unfortunately for me does not stop at mere gluten intolerance. No, my antibodies, overachievers that they are, also react to casein (the protein in milk), and based on resent eating adventures, potatoes.

So, this guy:

Mwuhaha. I kill you!Recruited

U can no haz milkzWho for good measure asked

And you thought I didn't see when you nuked my pals?

to join ranks against me. Considering the fact that yesterday a school computer froze up when it wasn’t doing anything, and when it decided to work today, corrupted my file, which had not even been open and Mozilla crashed 3x while I wrote this post, I’m beginning to think there’s a conspiracy against me.

I vote for a tactical retreat until I can recruit Darth Blender and Emperor Internet to my cause!


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