Once upon a time

I began contemplating such weighty topics as time and its passage last week on the 6th, for that was my brother’s birthday. He died a few months before his eighteenth birthday. This year would mark his 30th. Somehow, my own years barely rate my notice, but realizing my baby brother’s milestone came and went shocked me. I thought about other milestones I’ve marked this year: my son’s tenth birthday, ten years since college graduation, ten years in my house, a year with my wonderful Soup King. Time, it seems, keeps a fast pace. I don’t particularly mind, as I don’t sit idle much in my life, but it does sometimes catch me by surprise. I imagine, were he here, my bro would make an awesome sparring partner and could still kick my behind and then promptly make me laugh about it.

On another note in regards to time, a show that I began watching not long ago, The Tudors, intrigues me. History is such a dry topic in school. To see life breathed into figures from history, to view them as real people, shows how very little humanity has changed. It also demonstrates how it can be skewed based on the bias of the one telling it. Sure, it’s a Hollywood interpretation, but I’ve Googled more history related topics in the last few months than in a long time.

Speaking of history, it is happening this very moment. Tensions are rising, people want change and extended recessions make for unhappy citizens. How that turns out only time will tell. One day, generations from now, perhaps our story will be told, “A long time ago…” If it’s in a galaxy far, far away, my spirit is totally coming back to check out the interstellar space travel.


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