Ever find yourself dithering, stalling, or flat out avoiding a task? No lying. Mhmm, that’s what I thought. We all do it from time to time. When it comes to things we hate it’s understandable, but what about when it’s something we love?

Ask any writer and few will have a single project on which they work. Most have more story ideas than time to develop them. The novelty of switching from one project to another usually keeps me progressing at a nice pace, but every once in awhile my momentum fades. The friction of life saps my energy and time until I’m tapped.

In case anyone was wondering, I can confirm that perpetual motion, literally or metaphorically, does not exist.

So, just as the roller coaster requires energy to haul it up to that first hill, so to my muse needs the occasional injection of creative energy and enthusiasm.  Sometimes my monthly writers’ meeting provides it, or my chats with fellow writer friends, and sometimes it comes from someone simply asking, “So, what’s your story about?” or “How’s the story coming along?”

I’ve been coasting on my warm fuzzy feelings of accomplishment from finishing a short story and another short story being accepted into Midnight Screaming for their next issue. YAY!!! So, even though I know I should keep trucking along on my novels, my creative engine needed a jump start. My beloved Soup King provided it, much to my delight. While we ate a lovely meal out, he listened as I babbled endlessly about my plot arcs and conflict quandaries.

So here’s a shout out to all the people out there who fuel those voracious muses! Thanks! Without you, Newtonian physics would get in the way of art. 😀


One response to “Momentum

  1. I’m glad your soup king helped.

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