Deep thoughts

“Why do all the thought provoking discussions happen when I’m not around?” Soup King (a.k.a. my boyfriend) asked yesterday after I relayed the myriad of topics covered while the kids and myself made the twenty-five minute commute from after-school care to the house.

That’s easy. My kids are still at the stage where Mom knows EVERYTHING. They’ve even told me so, and refuse to believe otherwise no matter how much I insist that nobody can know everything. At least, the younger two maintain that assertion. My oldest, at the advanced age of ten years, thinks he knows almost as much as me and definitely more than his sisters. Mr. Smarty Pants has a long way to go to catch up to me. In fact, I think his questions are often tests to see if he’s reached the magic point at which he knows something I do not. So far, I’m smarter than a fifth grader. 😀

I used to ask why it always seemed to occur in the car. Granted, not every car ride evolves into an in depth religious, scientific, historical, philosophical, or mathematical discussion. (Quite often it covers several of those categories.) However, if by some miracle they decide not to play “let’s drive mom nuts by bickering” and instead engage in conversation, I get peppered with all nature of inquiries:

“Why is the sky blue?”

“Is Santa real?”

“Where do babies come from?”

“How do they get in the mom’s tummy?”

“Where is God?”

“What’s God’s favorite holiday?”

“What happened to the dinosaurs?”

“Why did people have slaves?”

“Why is there crime?”

“When will I get boobs?”

“What’s five thousand four-hundred twenty two times eight?”

Those are just a tiny sampling of the questions. A friend of mine told me it’s because they have my undivided, aside from driving, attention. I think it’s more than that though. I’ve often attempted to continue the conversations beyond the car ride or to initiate them while doing other things. No luck. I suspect they’ve figured out that I talk A LOT. Ask  me a question and I shall answer in depth. In the car they know I am confined to answering before they hop out and scatter like leaves in a brisk fall wind the moment the car stops in the driveway. Smart little buggers….



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  1. I had to find the like button. It was a welcome discovery. Thanks for the smile – this is just one of those happy posts!

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