I blame it on weeds

Zero. That’s how much writing I did this weekend. A case of procrastination? I admit, I often fall victim to that weakness. I can lose track of time trying to score an all time high Bejewled Blitz score, or perusing one more page of LOLcats. However, as my blisters prove, this weekend did not include aimless internet wandering. I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy gardening. The problem with gardening, as with writing, is that they both require a great deal of time.

My perennial flower beds, after eight or nine years of work are approaching a minimal maintenance phase. A little mulching, etc, as seasons require, perhaps replacing some bulbs I speared in my zealous digging, but otherwise, the bed only requires watering. I rarely even need to weed, as it is so filled in with flowering plants. My shade beds, a few years younger, have likewise reached phases that do not require regular maintenance.  I’m free to admire their beauty as I aim the sprinkler at them. My vegetable garden, on the other hand, is but an infant. Year two of my endeavor to eventually offset my insane grocery bill with food that has TASTE requires far more work. Leave the garden alone, aside from watering, for a week or two and weeds invade. Fail to tackle pest control and beautiful squash plants turn into wilting heaps of decimated foliage swarming with squash bugs. Add in the yard which must be mowed, and an entire weekend disappears under the deluge of yard work. I don’t water my back yard, in hopes it will grow slower. The weeds have figured out my plan and pesky natural selection foils my attempts to avoid mowing. All the tender weeds and grass surrendered to hardy drought tolerant weeds.

I considered getting a couple of goats once. Living in the city does not seem conducive to someone like me who’d rather get goats than operate a lawn mower. The city claims livestock is not allowed within city limits. Could someone please explain then why there’s a horse on a busy street hanging out on a property that isn’t even residential? What about the chickens I see when I ride my bike around the neighborhood? Okay, so maybe people are ignoring the rules. I have no problem with that explanation. However, what about the lady who owns a miniature horse. The animal equaled a very large dog, perhaps a Doberman or Labrador in height, but two or three times the size in weight. They are allowed. She checked with the city before she purchased it. So why not a couple of little goats the size of a medium-sized dog? I don’t really need goats. The rules simply confound and annoy me.

I promise to write this week, unless of course I spot a cow in the neighborhood, in which case I’ll be busy researching how to milk a goat.


2 responses to “I blame it on weeds

  1. Weeds, words – I can see this you know. they have the same amount of letters in them. lol (I could tease you about Bejeweled Blitz but I’m not cause I’m nice that way.)

    I’m sorry (but then again, I’m not) for laughing at part of this. But parts of the goat rant were funny (could be my recovery from food poisoning has made me a bit giddy). However, I have to agree with you. So long as they don’t get out in the neighborhood and leave horrific smells and sounds around your neighbors, why not? With the economy the way it is, growing your own food should be on the same level as having your own eggs, poultry etc. so long as the above statement is true AND the animals will have enough room and safety.

    PLUS, you could make your own cheese and have milk to drink that you could stomach (pun intended) HEY let me know if you find someone with a cow and then are going to learn to milk the goat. I’m sending a film crew over. lolololol

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