Where are my shoes?!

As any mother or father will tell you, mornings are often a rushed and hectic frenzy of dressing, eating, and making sure all the munchkins have what they need for the day. Today was another one of those days. My youngest tends to focus on one thing, to the exclusion of everything else. Multi-tasking, or any semblance of that skill is still far in her future. I don’t mind so much, as I’m still rejoicing that she’s getting up and dressing without me wrestling her into clothes. Last year my “not a morning person” daze looked perky and alert compared to her alternate comatose or crying fits. Her attitude towards going to school last year could be summed up in an exchange that happened on the second day of school:

Miss Drama walks into the living room wearing play clothes.  “You need to put school clothes on, dear.”


“You have to go to school today.”

“I have to go to school EVERY day?!”

Her attitude has mellowed. In fact some days she actually enjoys school, but some days her efforts to remind me of the old saying, “can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Today for example, she did an excellent job of getting dressed (after her sister showed her where clean underwear was, and I pointed out the obvious stack of clean clothes w/school pants sitting squarely on top). She ate breakfast and took her things to the car. I’m asked her as I was putting my lunch and laptop in the car, “Do you have your lunch?”

She looks up from the coloring book she’s perusing, spots lunch,”Yes” Then, she gasps. “Where are my shoes?!”

I refrained from the actual act of a face palm, but barely, as I also wanted to laugh at the utter shock on her face that shoes did not adorn her feet. “Sweetheart, please go find your shoes.” Nevermind that I had already told her twice to put on shoes.

She focused so hard on getting out to the car and not dallying, she missed an important part of the process. Whether it is life or writing, no matter six years or sixty, it isn’t all that hard to get caught up and miss the big picture.

A number of aspiring writers I’ve met get caught up in one aspect or another and fail to do the most important thing of all: write.

So, here’s to remembering shoes and getting that story down. It doesn’t matter if the shoes get put on the wrong feet or if the story needs editing. Having the shoes or the completed rough draft is step one. Straightening it all up is step two. Just as Miss Drama is conquering the whole morning routine one bit at a time, writing and all the skills it entails can be learned one step at a time.


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