What’s on the menu?

We all enjoy our comfort foods. Who doesn’t like a nice bowl of creamy mac ‘n cheese, or fried chicken, or warm pie a la mode*? As toddlers, each of my kids went through phases where they latched onto a specific food and demanded it at every dinner. Of course, they didn’t get their way. I too have my favorite foods, but I enjoy stepping outside my normal dinner plate and trying something new. I grew brave a few months back and tried sushi. I now have a new favorite. 🙂 I have one child who will try almost anything and always has been the least picky, one who has gone from non- picky, to picky, and now brave, and another that finds new and entertaining ways to negotiate her way out of mysterious new meals.

Just as we have favorite foods, many of us have favorite genres. Once I graduated into “chapter books” I gravitated towards mysteries. Then my mother introduced me to old classics. For years, if it wasn’t a classic or Nancy Drew mystery, I hesitated to check it out of the library. I remember one day my brother called me to his room and handed me a book he had checked out. I don’t recall the title anymore, but it was a fantasy tale about a boy and a dragon. I cocked an eyebrow, wondering if something my little brother picked out could be worthy of my interest. I stepped out of my reading niche and tried it. Not only did I like it, I proceeded to read the entire series. Bit by bit, I found new genres as people suggested titles or boredom and lack of selection drove me to try an unlikely pick.

Just because it isn’t your usual fare, don’t be afraid to read or write in a new genre, or try that interesting recipe you saw online.  Maybe you won’t like it, and that’s okay. On the other hand you just might discover a brand new favorite!

*As a person with Celiacs, I can no longer eat any of these traditional foods. I endeavor to find awesome replacements.


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