Love is never easy….

Whether it’s a relationship, pet ownership, parenthood, research, or hobbies, nothing worth having comes easy. I love gardening, but it has taken nearly ten years for my front flower beds to reach a point where they are lovely and require only minimal maintenance. My vegetable garden puts out only a meager amount of produce still for the time, effort, and money I’ve put in, but I understand that is part of the process and do not give up. Writing takes hours upon hours of brainstorming, writing, editing, rewrites, and more edits before a novel is done. The only pet that doesn’t require care is a rock. I have one dog w/an unfortunate bladder control problem, and she’s only 2 yrs old, and one cat that is finicky as heck about litter and if it’s not clean or the wrong type of litter, the floor or bathtub becomes her litterpan. My puppy chews socks and underpants, and a gazillion other things. The fish tank doesn’t clean itself, and the birds aren’t the neatest eaters.I’ve spent months trying to coax cell cultures into behaving and cursed at hard to separate reaction mixtures.  As for the kids… the list there is endless. My special someone relationship is more wonderful than I ever hoped, but  comes with its ups and downs and hurdles to conquer.

Do I let these things stop me? No. Do you? If life is nothing but an easy ride with no challenge, then what value is any of it? There’s truth in that saying that anything worth having takes work.  Perhaps I take on more than the average person, but hey, that means I get more good stuff 😉 . I challenge you to remember when life is hard, it makes us strong, and the reward when it comes is that much sweeter.



One response to “Love is never easy….

  1. You said it! Sure makes me wish I liked the hard work more.

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