The journey of love and life

An analogy occurred to me yesterday.  I view my life as floating upon a river in a raft or boat of some sort. I can steer, but currents sometimes take me in unexpected directions. Sometimes the ride moves so quickly I fear it’ll never slow down. Other times rapids jolt and jar me, threatening to drown me in woes, but I hold on, knowing that it won’t last forever. Sometimes the current finds a lazy bend, but it always moves, lest it stagnate. The joy of life is the journey; not a particular destination.

Some people may view their life as a tranquil pond; steady and ever the same. Others may feel lost at sea, struggling to stay afloat.

I challenge you to consider the analogy. Do you like the picture and what it says about you? If not, you have the power to change that.

Another thing I wonder, is it truly possible to have anyone on that raft with me, or is the ride really a solo journey, with nearby rafts the closest thing to sharing life? Think of family and friends as fellow rafters that can toss you a rope if you fall in, but if you cling to their raft, you risk drowning both of you.  Can love bind two rafts, or is it inevitable that at some point they will go their own ways?

I do not know the answer. I suspect time, like coming around the bend in the river, will reveal the answer.


One response to “The journey of love and life

  1. A nice picture. Interesting to add thoughts of how we attempt to influence that journey. The one I find most often in life is an attempt to drop anchor when we find one of those comfortable, lazy bends. The sad part of making a decision like that is that we cease to grow. Stagnate was a nice choice of word. Thankfully, the waters may still change the state of our comfort zone and push us on. We get to be shaped by the journey!

    And I think it is possible for love to bind two rafts, at least for the duration of the journey, but I would say they have to be truly bound which means a dedication and decision to lash them together. The two must become as one until they reach the end of their journey. As you say however, the journey will likely reveal. Thanks for sharing!

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