Maternal Love

Six years ago today my youngest child woke me up at 2am having decided that her cozy womb had gotten too darn small. Third in line, her birth was by far the easiest even though she was the largest. By then I knew what to do. It was all old-hat, because four years before her brother christened me into the strange world of motherhood. Yet, no matter how much we know, each child manages to make us learn and grow a little more.

Shortly after my eldest was born, I remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror in the middle of the night, a brand new baby in one hand, and tugging up my underpants with the other while I thought, “Whose bright idea was it to entrust me with a baby? I was playing with dolls and passing notes in school just a few years ago!” The face I saw in the mirror still looked a bit like a child herself, even though I was nearly 22. It didn’t even occur to me at the time that only a few days into motherhood and I already multi-tasked like a pro. 😀

My eldest taught me that children hear EVERYTHING you say and never underestimate the mind of a two year old bent on acquiring brownies. My angelic middle child taught me that even the most well behaved and accommodating child can melt down and turn into a shrieking demon in a matter of seconds given the right motivation. Through my youngest I remember the world of make believe and that there’s no such thing as impossible. At the same time she pushes me to acquire new levels of patience, for “Dramatic” might as well be her middle name.

We talk about all the things we teach our children, but in truth I believe they teach us just as much, if not more. They awaken inner strength and a willingness to sacrifice our own comfort just by being. They turn the world and our perception of it upside down and sideways. They make us see beyond our self and view the world from eyes not colored by preconceptions and learned indifference. They are our road to a better self and I thank God for his bright idea of entrusting three unique and ever entertaining souls into my care.


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