Slumbering love

No, I don’t mean a love I’ve forgotten or haven’t realized. Quite literally, I LOVE sleeping. After reading numerous journal articles and thesis papers I could tell you why I suspect my body is overly fond of sleep, but that would be boring and involve words that even I trip over.

Who doesn’t like waking up refreshed and renewed? Sleep is the body and mind’s best method at rejuvenating one’s entire being. Cells repair the damage of daily life and the mind lets loose its imagination in dreams so that our subconscious can expunge worries and fears or simply play. Entire clinics are devoted to treating sleep issues. I believe few would argue that sleep is not important.

Until recently, it had been years and years since I had a nightmare. Sure, I dreamed, and from time to time I recalled them. Usually I could even pinpoint the inspiration for my bizarre dreams or deduce the message my subconscious was sending me. After a foray into meditation and some other things unlocked some very old repressed memories, I experienced frightening episodes known as “night terrors”. Typically toddlers have these, but they can happen to anyone. Since I rarely do anything in a typical manner, I was cognizant and recalled every moment. Until I realized they were simply nightmares, something I loved, sleep, became a source of terror and anxiety. I still experience anxiety, but it’s a matter of telling myself that I am in charge of my life and choices and not merely a passenger going along for the ride.

Other things in life can be twisted from enjoyable to frightening. The key, I believe, is not letting the fear consume and control you. Fear undermines and paralyzes. To quote a book I adore:

“Hope strengthens. Fear kills[…] That simple adage is master of every situation, every choice. Each morning we wake up, we get to choose between hope and fear and apply one of those emotions to everything we do. Do we greet things that come our way with joy? Or suspicion?”
Karen Marie Moning (Shadowfever)


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