Most of us at one point in time or another have experienced that moment. The metaphorical light bulb illuminates and you know how to solve your problem. As a writer there are plot twists that can tangle, characters that don’t cooperate, and a million other little things that crop up when crafting a story. I wrote one character into a forest where she had to win a test through wit and it took over six months before I had that moment. “Aha! I know how to get her out!” Usually, my moments of illumination don’t take quite that long to occur, thankfully.

Where did my idea come from? I decided to write another scene, and in the back of my head tried to sink into my character’s mind. While many characters have bits of me or other people I know, they are unique individuals and I’ve learned that the better you know your characters, the more easily the story flows.

Sometimes it’s random comments from a friend, a tidbit I read somewhere, something I overhear; inspiration is all around if you open yourself up to it. So whether you write, compose music, or simply are looking for direction in life; open your eyes to the possibilities all around you. Perhaps one will illuminate your quandary.


2 responses to “Aha!

  1. This may sound cliched and weird but I actually get these problems solved through dreams. I think about the problem before going to bed and wake up with the answer in my head. However unless I have a notebook and pen by the bed – which I now do all the time – the answers slip and slide and melt in my head and are gone. No amount of trying the same technique will ever bring them back. It seems that the brain will produce the answer once and, if it isn’t made good use of, will shelve it permanently… or perhaps it is merely sulking after making all that effort and being ignored.

  2. southerndreamer

    I agree. Dreams are a good source of inspiration. Awake or asleep, we should make it a practice to listen to the things the universe is trying to tell us.

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