Lyrical Love

What? She has another one? Oh yes. Music. If it has a beat, I move to it, even though dancing is flirting with danger for me. I have a close relationship to gravity, but hey, I’ve yet to break a bone so far. 😀  If it has a tune, I shall sing it. Even better, God blessed me with a voice that is pleasing to hear, so no one suffers, except maybe when I find myself singing “The Song that Never Ends.” Well, dang, now it’s stuck in my head. Yours too? Sorry.

Compared to my gifted aunt who studied opera for a time, or my sister who majored in music education, my training is limited to a couple of years of junior high choir, singing in church choirs, a couple years of choir in college, and one semester of voice lessons. I have no desire to appear on American Idol or be the next great singer with a platinum album. I sing for the sheer joy of it. Music is the language of the soul. It can cross language and social barriers, speaking directly to our hearts. We can praise God, share our joy, our sadness, our love, or simply get jiggy with it. 😉 Sure, I have my preferred genres, but I can appreciate music in most forms.

I took a few semesters of piano, and while not as intuitive as singing, the joy remains. The challenge of mastering a new piece of music thrills my mind, even if it can be frustrating. The reward of beautiful harmony in which I can cast my soul upon sweet pure notes more than makes up for the work. Playing the piano is one thing I truly miss and wish to one day learn more of.

I truly believe that along with art, music is one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. So, yes, I support the arts in schools, and feel that it is a sad, bleak day when we strip the creative soul out of education in the name of the almighty dollar.


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