Simple love

I currently own four cats, two dogs, a hamster, two parakeets, and one goldfish. The goldfish had a buddy, but the six year old fish suffered some sort of trauma when I wasn’t watching and went to the great pond in the sky. For much of my life some sort of critter co-habitated with my family. God’s creatures do not play the games we humans do. The relationship between pet and owner is a simple one. I give noms and cuddles, they give love. It is the epitome of uncomplicated love. I won’t debate which is best, cats, dogs, or other critters. Each offers its unique set of joys and challenges. They do not care if I’m pretty or ugly, old or young, rich or poor. There is no judgment. It is the type of love we should strive for, but will probably never achieve.

As a child, no matter how bad life seemed, with a cat cuddled in my lap listening to my woes, or  racing the wind with a dog at my side, life became wondrous. Even now as an adult, my darkest days were tempered by a purring kitten or the sloppy grin of my dog Marble. The antics of kittens demand laughter. A dog stoically enduring “dress-up” with the kids refuses to let me stew in a bad mood while she sports a tiara or my son’s t-shirt.

I see animals as God’s gift to us, entrusted into our care. I cannot rescue all of them, but I help those I can. I see and hear of the crimes against our animal brethren and it confounds and angers me. Then I think, are we no less cruel to our own kind? Sadly, the answer is yes.

So, while I cannot save the world or stop the horrors that abound, I can strive to make my tiny corner a reflection of that which our world could be.


One response to “Simple love

  1. What a simple and beautiful message. Thank you for sharing it.

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