Another love affair revealed….

Words and I have an intimate relationship. They are my cohorts in crafting stories, my minions in spreading knowledge, my tools for expression, the clay with which the imagination creates a world. At a precocious age of four I began reading such heart-pounding tales as The Little Red Caboose, and The Lively Little Rabbit. I corrected my papa with annoyance when he changed up the words or skipped pages. Of course, he did that to egg me on, but his playful teasing encouraged my attention to the words and opened a door into infinite worlds.

I share my mother’s admitted flaw of “beating around the bush”. I can take a paragraph to say that which can be accomplished in one sentence. Both a flaw and a hidden gift, I’ve learned to scale back and minimize when needed. At the same time, knowing how to say the same thing in five different ways can come in handy when tutoring, as I’ve found that sometimes it’s the word choice that makes the light bulb illuminate.

As a child I spent entire summers in fantasy worlds and times gone by. I went on adventures, found fictional friends, and battled villains. When the traumas of being the shy, smart, awkward child became too much, I escaped into books or worlds of my own imagination. While my siblings shared this love of reading, as time went by they found other things to fill their hours and books became only one of many things. I found other things as well, but stories, written, oral, or performed, remained a love which I could never go long without.

About five and a half years ago I discovered another level to my love of the written word. I sat down thinking, “I wonder if I can do this…” I challenged myself and resurrected the imagination that had taken backseat to chemistry tests, grocery shopping, and changing diapers.  While Barney sang “I love you….” and toddlers found new and inventive ways to redecorate the house, a writer was born.

We are not born with instant wisdom. Like life, writing will forever be a process of growth and learning.. It is a love affair that shall never die.


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